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MCSS Winter/Spring Pep Rallies


Marion Rocks during Systemwide Pep Rallies
by Shelby Carter, Rosalyn Rease, A. J. Wells, Daniel Peacock, and Nicole Williams

Thursday, February 5, was another day of Eagle Excitement for Marion County. This was the day of the Systemwide Pep Rally for Winter and Spring Sports. Once again, team members from Marion County High School boarded the buses and traveled to Marion Middle School and L. K. Moss Primary School. They were accompanied by their coaches and the Eagle Band and Cheerleaders.

The first stop for the Eagle Caravan was Marion Middle School, where everyone was fired up for the Pep Rally, even though it was still the morning. Just walking down the hallways you could feel the vibe of school spirit pounding in the classrooms. As the kids filed down to the gym on the way to the Pep Rally, you could see that everyone had the Spirit of the Eagle. The gym was soon packed with students, athletes, the band, and teachers. If you looked around, you could even see some of the teachers moving to the beat. Everyone was hyped up. We were all just waiting for the spirit competitions to begin!

Even the high school athletes were pumped up and ready for the competition. They were so excited that they made the huddle of athletes an adventure. Every one was cheering for our Marion Eagles. From the stands everyone could tell that the excitement was just about to begin.

After all the teams and their coaches were announced the band set the mood with a little bit of music. When everyone heard the beginning beats of the music, we all stood up and started to move with the music. The song that pumped the crowd up the most was Thriller. Looking around the crowd, you could see everyone getting their groove on.

After the band played everyone grew quiet as the spirit competition began. This spirit competition was one unlike any other. The theme this year was American Idol! Our judges were really something special. Our own Coach Herring was Randy Jackson, “Dawg.” The lovely Mrs. Aldridge was none other than the infamous Paula Abdul. Simon Cowell was portrayed by the one and only, Coach Ewing. The host, being the most handsome man in the Marion County system, Mark Taylor, represented the ever so popular Ryan Seacrest.

It began with the 5th grade. They did their own rendition of Ghostbusters, even throwing in their own acrobatics. Next, 6th grade did the Eaglemotion (Locomotion). When they did the Electric Slide the whole gymnasium was full of energy. When the 7th grade performed, the Village People returned with their infamous saying “Its fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A.” Everyone participated in this fun activity. Finally, the 8th grade brought the moves to the court with the songs, Play That Funky Music, Celebration, and Walk Like an Egyptian (Walk Like an Eagle Fan). The winners of the competition were 6th grade with 5th grade falling in a close 2nd place. 7th and 8th grade might not have won but they left with their heads held high and a smile on their face.

Next, it was time to load up and head to L. K. Moss. Here, the athletes visited classrooms to paint faces and remind students to do their best in school. MC, our Eagle mascot, patiently posed for over 200 pictures with students to help out with a fundraiser for Relay for Life. Then, Mrs. Rigdon and staff treated everyone to a delicious hot dog lunch. Finally, it was time for L. K. Moss to show their Eagle Spirit at their own Pep Rally!

Talk about Spirit! L.K. Moss was pumped up! The kids and teachers danced, cheered, yelled, and rocked to the beat. This Pep Rally was full of excitement from beginning to the end. All the kids were holding their signs high so that when the athletes came in they might get a glimpse of how much L.K. Moss appreciated them. When the band played the entire gym was swaying back and forth dancing to the beat of the music. The kids jumped for joy for the chance to hug M. C. The students were sure to keep the spirit flowing, as everyone joined into the chant GO EAGLES, GO BIG RED!!!

After these Pep Rallies we are pretty sure that everyone will be pumped up for the spring season of sports. Eagles, get ready because we hope to see you at all the games!