Counselor's Spotlight


COUNSELOR’S SPOTLIGHT: Reinforce learning by having your child teach you something

As we face the challenges of traditional and virtual instruction, many parents are concerned. Regardless of the option chosen, parents want their children to learn. Students are more motivated to learn when they feel capable, connected and in control. Having your child teach you things nurtures these feelings. When your child tries to teach you about what he/she is doing, it can help him/her understand assignments better. It also reinforces what he/she knows and reveals gaps in comprehension. Try these Strategies to Reinforce Learning: 1.) Show an interest in what your child is learning in school. Have him/her show you an assignment, explain a concept or read aloud to you. 2.) Ask your child to help you solve a problem or create something. What does he/she think you should you do first, second, next? 3.) Let your child quiz you. See if you can you name the state capitals or the first five presidents. 4.) Try to define vocabulary words and recall math or science facts. 5.) Ask your child to teach you how to play one of his/her favorite games. Then play it together. 6.) Ask for your child’s opinion about something and consider it before solidifying your own. (**Revised and reprinted with permission from the September 2020 issue of Parents make the difference!® Elementary School Edition newsletter.)