Counselor's Spotlight


COUNSELOR’S SPOTLIGHT: :Don’t let you child miss out on learning!

As I’ve shared earlier, September is designated as “National Attendance Awareness Month”. During this month, we put special emphasis on the importance of good school attendance. As parents, we play the greatest role by helping our children get into the habit of going to school every day. Research shows that missing school regularly can hurt both the students who miss class and their classmates. When students miss school, they miss out on learning. When they return, they have to work harder to catch up. Since most subject matter builds on previous lessons, it doesn't take long for these students to fall behind. As a result, children who miss school have lower levels of achievement throughout their school careers. Research shows that, by sixth grade, students who miss an average of just one day a week are more likely to drop out of high school. The students who do come to class also miss out. When teachers have to repeat material or pay extra attention to students who have been absent, everyone suffers. **REMINDER: Marion County Board policy states that students in grades K-8 can have not more than fourteen (14) absences per school year. (Revised and reprinted with permission from Parents make the difference!® Elementary School Edition newsletter.)