Counselor's Spotlight


COUNSELOR’S SPOTLIGHT: Ways you can support your child during homework time

There’s no question that today’s students have more homework than students did in the past. It can be quite a challenge to fit homework into busy family schedules. However, homework is a fact of life. To make the most of homework time, here are some Ways to provide Homework Help: 1.) Help your child manage his/her time. Set a regular time for homework each day. Don’t let homework be the last thing your child does before going to bed. 2.) Help your child decide which homework to complete first. Some kids prefer to start with the easier work, while others like to get the toughest work out of the way first. Have your child experiment to see which works best for him/her. 3.) Offer help, but don’t do the assignment. Doing homework helps your child learn to be independent. If you do the work, your child won’t learn that lesson. Furthermore, doing homework reinforces what is learned in school and allows your child to demonstrate mastery of concepts taught. 4.) Have your child read aloud to you every night. As you are reading together, stop and ask questions. 5.) Stay in touch with the teacher. Be sure to let the teacher know if your child seems to struggle with homework often. Ask what you can do at home to support your child. 6.) Remain positive. Your attitude will affect your child. (**Revised and reprinted with permission from the January 2020 issue of Parents make the difference! ® Elementary School Edition newsletter.)