Media Center 

Lehanne Singleton

The Media Center is open each day from 7:30 - 3:30. No eating or drinking in the media center.
Students in grades 6 – 12 will use photo ID cards to check out media materials. The student is given the first card. Each card can be replaced for $5.00.

Books may be checked out for two (2) weeks unless otherwise noted. Overdue materials are charged ten (10) cents a day - excluding weekends - from the first day the material is late up to and including the day the material is returned. Homeroom teachers are to remind students of overdue items. Lost books will be charged replacement cost.

The computers in the media center are for educational use only. Classes who have reserved the computers have precedence over individual students. The first three printed copies of educational material are free. Additional printed sheets are five (5) cents per sheet whether educational or personal. All personal printed material is five (5) cents per sheet. All color copies are ten (10) cents per sheet.