Updated Distance/Virtual Details

Parents, please read this information carefully: Updated Distance/Virtual Learning Details


Marion County Schools will begin online learning for all enrolled students on August 12, 2020. Marion County students have been divided into two groups. These two groups are determined by how instruction will be delivered.


At LK Moss Elementary School, the two groups consist of 1)Students who signed an ONLINE DECLARARION to remain online until the end of the first nine weeks, Friday, October 9, 2020 (Virtual Students); and 2) Students who originally planned for Face-to-Face learning (Distance Learners). Virtual students have been assigned a homeroom teacher, and will receive online instruction including, but not limited to Pathblazer (www.thelearningodyssey.com ), an online program by Edgenuity, and Moby Max (www.mobymax.com ). Each of these programs will be explained through a phone conference with parents, when possible, and/or through step-by-step directions provided by the teacher. In addition, supplemental materials (packets and/or manipulatives) may be provided to assess, remediate and/or enrich learning.  Distance learners (those who chose face-to-face instruction) will receive instruction including, but not limited to Zoom lessons, computer programs such as Pathblazer and/or Moby Max, and through provided packets and workbooks which will be returned to the school completed. Workbooks and packets for both virtual students and distance learners will be delivered by buses running the normal bus routes on designated days. Car riders may pick up and return materials each week at LK Moss.


At MCMHS, the two groups consist of 1)Students who signed paperwork to remain online until the end of the semester; and 2) Students who originally planned for in-person learning. Both groups will use Edgenuity (www.edgenuity.com) for coursework. All students have been assigned to a faculty or staff member who will make contact with them prior to the August 12th start date.  They will explain the basics of logging in to the Edgenuity site.  After the start date, the school contact person will continue to check on their students weekly throughout the 9 weeks (or semester for the kids in group 1).


We will send home "first day" student paperwork by bus route on a designated day. That paperwork may also be picked up at each school. We will announce the days on our websites that the buses will run to drop off and pick up paperwork.  Each teacher in our system has a web page linked to our school web pages.  If you have questions, or need to make contact with a teacher, this will be the best way to obtain his/her contact information. 


Students who have issues with internet, connectivity, or devices should contact the school. Internet hot spots will be available soon at/around the LK Moss campus and the middle/high school campus. We will post a date once this service is available. Be reminded that the Marion County Public Library also provides a hot spot. Devices will be available at a later date, but for middle/high students, Edgenuity assignments can be completed on a smartphone. Most LK Moss online assignments can also be completed on a smartphone.


Below, you will find a list of commonly asked questions and contact people for each one. Please be patient with us as we adjust every student to an online platform(s). Schedule changes at MCMHS will only be accommodated from this point if they are absolutely necessary for the completion of graduation requirements. 

L.K. Moss Elementary School

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