Notification of Destruction of Special Education Student Record

The Marion County Special Education Department is in the process of disposing out dated special education records. Please note that records containing information of students born previously to 1993 are no longer necessary under the guideline of record keeping retention. The school system is obligated to retain copies of special education records until students are 22 years of age. If you are interested in obtaining your files, please contact Mrs. Sonya Faulk at the Marion County Board of Education at 229-649-2234. If you do not respond on or before October 3, 2016, all out dated special education records will be destroyed.

Notification of Child Find for Marion County Schools

Under the Individual with Disability Education Act, the Georgia Department of Education and local school systems have a mission to locate, identify, and evaluate children in need of special education and/or related services.

We are making every effort to locate all children up to the age of 21 residing in Marion County, including those children who are homeless, highly mobile, are wards of the State, detained or incarcerated in jails or correctional facilities, or are parentally-placed in private schools or home school/study program and may need special education consideration now or in the future regardless of the severity of their disability.

A child will learn more during the first five years of life than in the next 50. They will learn how to talk, walk, feed, and dress independently. It is very crucial that this opportunity to learn and develop be afforded to every child. We do know; however, that children may have problems – emotionally, physically, and/or intellectually that may hinder development. The sooner these problems are identified; the sooner assistance can be provided

The Marion County School System is saying to the public, “We need your help to locate these children.” For additional information on “child find”, contact Loranda Holmes, Director of Student Services, at 229-649-2234.