Ensuring a safe environment for our students

Many new additions and revisions have taken place at LK Moss Elementary School to better meet the demands of COVID regulations. Sidewalks and gates have been put into place for the safety of our car riders. Now that our numbers have increased in those being transported by car, we needed walkways, and gates to ensure that students were safe from moving traffic as they moved into place for pick-up. In addition, our painted blocks for an organized pick-up line were enlarged so that students could social distance as each awaited his/her pick-up vehicle.

We are also in the process of creating a walkway to our nurse's office. A door will be added during the holidays so that check out for sick students will be more accessible.

Our student check-in/check-out system allows for social distancing. A kiosk prompts parents so that this is done digitally. A license check also protects students from adults in the government offender's database.

We continue to make the safety of our students a top priority. We appreciate your feedback and input into how we can better serve our school community and students.