We are excited to welcome everyone back...we are truly "Stronger Together!"

Please be patient with us in regard to bussing.  Enrollment has increased in the past couple of weeks, which can affect numbers on buses and route timing.  Also, we are facing difficulty with local bridge closures and weight restrictions on bridges.  This leads to bus re-routing; you may have a different driver than you have had in the past.  This will also slow down our routes, so students may get home later than normal.  Masks are mandatory on buses.

If students plan to ride a bus during the year, please allow them to ride during the first week so that we can make true adjustments for the correct number of students.

Also, please be patient with class rolls.  With our jump in enrollment, we will have a few adjustments as we go forward.  In addition to the jump in enrollment, L.K. Moss has had some changes on their rolls due to a newly mandated state guideline with the EIP program.

We are excited about the upcoming school year and are looking forward to having students back in our classrooms.  We are starting in the month of August with football, softball, and cross country, along with many other activities!  Please check the athletics portion of the high school website for dates and times.

As always, please let us know if you or a family member has been exposed to COVID or is experiencing symptoms.  There is a reporting form on the main page of the website, or you may call Tiffany Wodzinski at 229-649-7520.