Mrs. Clarice Prather

By Ella Jernigan

R.E.D. News Team

Mrs. Clarice Prather is a new addition to the L.K. Moss faculty and staff. She is an alumna of Tri-County High School in Buena Vista, Georgia. Prather also attended Grand Canyon University, finishing with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Special Education. She went on to achieve a Walden University Master's of Science in Elementary Reading and Literacy. She has taught Elementary Education and Special Education for four years. Mrs. Prather was employed at Webster County School District before moving to Marion County to teach fourth-grade English Language Arts. Prather mentions that she is loving her first year at L.K. Moss. “The staff and students have been very welcoming. … I feel like I am part of a school family.” Welcome to Marion County, Mrs. Prather!