Members of the Marion County FFA visited the State Capital on February 9, 2022n where they were invited by State Representative Mike Cheokas to visit the State Capitol building and the Department of Agriculture Building. The group young FFA members had the chance to visit both the house of representative chambers and the state senate chambers with Mr. Cheokas. Introducing FFA members to the Georgia Capitol, educating them about public policy issues impacting farmers and ranchers, and explaining the legislative process are all critical to the future of Georgia agriculture. While at the Capitol building, Mr. Cheokas properly explained the process of how legislation takes place and exactly how the bills become law. The FFA members were fascinated with the process that state representatives and senators are involved in for a bill to pass and become a law. While in the House of Representatives chamber, Marion County FFA members had the opportunity to meet Representative Robert Dickey, the Agriculture Committee chairperson.

After the extensive tour of the State Capitol building, the FFA members were invited to a luncheon at the Georgia Department of Agriculture building. The luncheon was part of the rural caucus and hosted by the Regional Education Service Agencies (RESA). The keynote speaker for the luncheon was Mr. Ricky McCorkle director of Chattahoochee-Flint RESA. It was a great honor for the FFA students to be at the rural caucus luncheon and be recognized not only for their success as FFA students but also to be able to see how influential leaders, like Mr. McCorkle from Marion County, can influence our state. The day was filled with educational opportunities and great networking for the Marion County FFA members.

The FFA members that attended the trip where Wyatt Morgan, Cole Grier, Conner Hagin, Luke Moxley, Gracie-Rae Hagin, Cecil Young, Luke Fryer, Edgar Montas, Brennan Widner.