The Marion County Board of Education continues to make progress in naming a new superintendent.

The Board reviewed results of a community survey to seek input as to the characteristics desired in the new superintendent, adopted qualifications for the position, approved and disseminated a recruitment announcement and brochure, reviewed applications, and interviewed candidates that appeared to have closely met the qualifications.

Twenty-five completed applications were submitted. From these twenty-five, six candidates were chosen for closer review and subsequently interviewed as the Board sought to determine those applicants best qualified for the position. Two candidates were called in for more in-depth second interviews.

At least fourteen calendar days before taking final action on the hiring, the Board is required to make available to the public documents for inspection and/or copying concerning as many as three finalists under consideration whom the Board has determined to be best qualified for the position.

A sole finalist has been named by the Board as determined to be the best qualified for the position. Information on the candidate is available at the Marion County Schools Board Office and is posted on the school district we site at

The sole finalist is Mr. Jamie L. Penoncello.

The Board hopes to have the new superintendent in place by May 1, 2022.

Jamie Penoncello Redacted Application