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Presentations and Form: 

Eighth grade students have a unique opportunity to get a head start on the high school Scholars Academy.  These students MAY elect to take two high school-level honors academic courses: Algebra I and Physical Science.  These courses will count for middle and high school credit.  Other courses may be added (i.e., World History) if a high school content teacher is available.

These are high school academic courses and are both accelerated (moving faster to cover more content) and more rigorous (increasing difficulty of coursework).  Pre-Scholars and Scholars Academy are decided on a year-by-year basis.  Students who choose this path must remain for the duration of the school year.

Participation is voluntary.  The Pre-Scholars program offers more difficult coursework than the traditional curriculum.  It allows students to deeply explore the content areas through project-based learning, additional thought-provoking reading assignments, complex writing tasks, technology, and critical thinking.

Twenty-five slots are available in this program.  For consideration, students must turn in paperwork by the May 15th deadline.  Priority will be given to students who:

  • Scored at level 3 in all areas of testing from 7th grade
  • Maintain an 85 or above average in current academic coursework

Scholars Academy students will enhance their competitive edge.  From college entrance to scholarship opportunities, the rigorous curriculum of our high school Scholars Academy will make its participants more viable.  Many college and scholarship programs don’t just seek “good grades”; they also look at the difficulty of a student’s coursework.  Today’s graduates are competing for opportunities such as college entrance, scholarships, internships, and careers.  The Academy is another way for Marion County’s students to increase their knowledge base, cultural awareness, SAT/ACT scores, and overall marketability in a post-secondary atmosphere.  The Pre-Scholars program is the first step in this process for these students.

Pre-Scholars students will automatically become high school Scholars Academy students in their freshman school year unless they are signed out in writing by a parent or guardian.

Current 7th grade students have heard the presentation (linked above) and may pick up admission request forms from Mrs. Janovsky.  Parents, please view the presentation above.  There is an audio version and a PowerPoint.  If you have questions, e-mail